Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun play date at the mall (mostly fun anyway)

Yesterday, we met up with Wendy and her girls at a local (sort of) mall that has a decent sized play area and a full size carousel.

Before Wendy got there, because I was EARLY, the kids and I went over to some ride on toys. I got out my 75 cents and was getting the kids in. Another kid got in before I could get The Princess in and I had to ask him to get out. It was only a 2 seater and both of my kids were GOING to ride since I was paying for it. He eventually got out and I started the ride for my kids. THEN the boy's mom came over and WENT OFF. She was so mad that I would talk to her kid "that way" and he was only "3 years old and we don't talk to him like that". Needless to say, I was not a happy mommy. I did nothing wrong. If it were my kid getting in the way of paying customers, I would be fine with another parent asking my kid to move. I was very polite to this kid so I don't know what she thinks I should have said. I am not sure exactly what I said back to her because it is all a blur now, but I did let her know that my son was 3 years old and I would definitely ask him to move if he were in the way! I was FUMING!

My kids had their ride and then we walked away! As fast as I could! :)

Then we met with Wendy. We all ate our lunch and then walked over to the play area.

Cute picture of The Superhero with all the girls...

The kids played. I kept an eye on The Superhero's Dexie, since he tends to drop while playing. With each check, he had decent numbers. I had to keep a close eye on the Princess as well because she kept escaping the play area. At one point I brought her over and she was eating a snack in my lap.

I looked up and saw The Superhero CRYING like never before, in the middle of the play area. I put The Princess down and closed her snack while my little boy ran over to me. He was inconsolable. His nose started bleeding. Checked Dexie and it said something in the 80's with double arrows DOWN. I do a quick finger check and he was 79! DOUBLE ARROWS DOWN. Mind you, he was in the low 200's not minutes before! He is in complete meltdown mode. He refused the juice I opened.Threw himself on the floor. I put the juice down for second, picked him up, and offered the juice again. He refused! I mentioned marshmallows and he gobbled them up. I am SO thankful Wendy was there with me, another parent who "gets it". I did not worry about weird looks from parents around me because she was there, I felt comfortable taking care of my screaming, sweating, melt down mode T1 Diabetic 3 year old boy!

Then another parent comes over and explains that The Superhero and another little girl were going in the tunnel in opposite directions and ended up hitting faces, her forehead and his NOSE. (not sure if this is what really happened or not, The Superhero was so upset he could not explain it to me) He was in so much pain. His nose was a little puffy at first, but once we got the bleeding to stop he was fine. He ate his marshmallows and was working on coming up.

All of this is happening at the SAME time that the mall security officer was telling us the play area was closing and we needed to leave. I waited a few minutes while The Superhero's BG was coming back up. Then we looked up and had to FIND The Princess. She had wandered off, again! Wendy asked the mall security officer what to do about a lost child since she could not find her. He had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! Seriously? He told Wendy to "look harder". Really? That's it I guess, just look harder and find the 1 year old little girl amongst the chaos that came from kicking everyone out of the play area! Really? Wow!

Thank God she was found rather quickly after that. She was out the opening and following other families. I am so thankful I had Wendy there too, or I might have gone crazy!

We also had to deal with a kid who refused to share the "Nemo"' fish with Wendy's girls. His mom finally came over and got him off. Then the mom let him walk around the play area eating his pretzel. And we dealt with kids who would NOT move off of the ride on toys again. Wendy was trying to pay for her kids to ride the ice cream truck and had to force these other kids off!

All I can say is, I am SO glad our kids were SO well behaved and NOT like these other kids!

We went and had some gelato before riding the carousel. The Superhero picked his gelato based on color, of course it had to be green. So he had mint and little Maya picked based on color too, white, so she had Butter Pecan. Must be a 3 year old thing. The other kids picked. We ate. Then a group trip to the potty before the carousel and long drive home.

At the end of it all, we still had a GREAT time and will definitely make the trip across town again.Although, next time, I can do without crazy parents, mean kids, bloody noses, DROPPING blood sugar, missing children, and clueless mall security officers!


Wendy said...

It was a grand adventure :) So nice to share it with you! My girls (and their mommy!!!) had a great time.

And that gelato was FANTASTIC....much better sitting inside enjoying it, instead of outside in the heat!

Let's do it again soon!!!

connie said...

Sounds like a very busy playdate :) I am so glad that you and Wendy are able to get together, it does make a difference when you have a mom there with you who "gets it"!

I hope that your next get together is less chaotic and you don't run into any "crazy parents"...I would have been fuming over that one too!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I can not get over that security officer! I would complain to the mall management. I mean seriously--your toddler was missing!!!! Hello, Mr. Security Guard?! What are you there for, if not to protect the mall patrons??? Thank goodness you found her so quickly, no thanks to him!

Sorry you had to deal with other not-so-nice parents and kids, too! But happy to hear you had such a good time!

Did you go to the pet store, too? That's always a big hit with my kids.

Tracy1918 said...

Oh my! Sounds...ummm....adventurous!

Glad you have that other mom there. Don't you wish everyone would "get it?" : )

Hallie said...

Good Hell! What an adventure!!! I'm glad you had fun despite all the craziness!! :)

Lora said...

I'm sorry... were you suppose to keep the princess off and let her kid ride?? Some people!

Glad you guys had fun :)

Jen said...

Holy cow! What a day!! I got kind of stressed out just reading about it!
Sounds like all ended well though despite the challenges..

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