Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Diabetes Celebration

We have had such a GREAT weekend CELEBRATING our 2 year Diaversary!

Here are pictures showing what we did...

Saturday: Picnic on our living room floor, starting out with a BG check

Pretending to go to sleep together in The Superhero's bed...

Sunday: "Dinner" with Mommy and Daddy, and seeing Toy Story 3

Yes, ice cream for dinner. BG was 74 and dropping, so it was ok. :-)
A stop at the bookstore to kill time before our movie

Quick Dexie check

Enjoying some popcorn

Happy Boy

Unfortunately, we let The Superhero eat WAY too much popcorn and he is WAY high tonight. Just did another finger check (Dexie does not work when BG is over 400), BG is over 500 now. We did a shot. He screamed. Hopefully it will work and he will be back down soon.

In spite of that, we had a great weekend and really enjoyed the movie.


Amy said...

LOVED the way you celebrated!! :) Ice cream and MORE ice cream! awesome! :) Happy Diaversary my are AMAZING!

Meri said...

((HUGS)) to your superhero! Love all his smiles! Picnics on the floor are the best!

Lora said...

Awe!! He looks SO happy. I am glad you guys had fun :)

Jessica said...

Perfect! :) Ice cream. Just GENIUS.

He's so adorable! ( I mean that in a tough, cool guy, totally non-offensive to a boy way, of course).

Tracy1918 said...

Way to go Superhero! Hope you enjoyed the movie! : )

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