Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1000 Pictures?

A friend of mine posted on FB today that she had taken over 1000 pictures of her daughter since her 1st birthday just 2 months ago!

I am feeling like such a slacker! When The Superhero was born I took pictures ALL THE TIME. This continued for a while after The Princess was born.

Now that they are both a little older, I seem to only take pictures when we are at special events. I am not sure if it is Diabetes, the second child craziness, working full time, etc. that is causing my lack of pictures.

All I know is, I am SLACKING.

So, from today forward, I would like to take at least a couple pictures of the kids every day. I know I will want those moments captured in time to remember, even if it is just messy hair, jammie, jelly faced, kind of a day!

And I look forward to sharing more pictures with all of you too!


Reyna said...

I AGREE ... I have been slacking in this dept. too and sometimes I think it is due to their age and sometimes I feel I have nothing left to "give" between the daily life tasks, "d"-tasks, and trying to mother my children... I had a rough "D" day today so I am feeling GUILTY about all the things I feel I don't do as well as I should.

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Don't beat yourself up. I find I go in spurts. I'll take tons of photos for months, and then all of a sudden, for no real reason, I'll stop. Then, one of the kids will do something funny or look particularly cute and I'll grab my camera, which will get me going again.

When it comes to making my JDRF Walk videos, I always kick myself for not taking more photos throughout the year, especially of D-related things.

Speaking of photos, my kids just walked by me and noticed the photos of the Superhero and the Princess. They're all smiling now, asking when we'll see you again. :)

Laura said...

I've been slacking too!
When Emma was 2 I even took a picture of her 1st poop on the potty! Ok - I know that was weird but funny!!!!!!!

Lora said...

I have been a picture slacker too, but 1000!!!
IN 2 MONTHS???!!

That has GOT to be her 1st child because that is just a bit STALKERISH. Just say-in ;)

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