Thursday, July 8, 2010


It has taken 5 weeks of swim classes, but The Superhero is FINALLY getting comfortable around water!

He has always been a little skittish when it comes to the pool. So it was no surprise when we first started going to the pool this year, he seemed very nervous around water. After the first time I took the kids to the pool and I saw how scared he was (and what a fish The Princess was) I knew swim lessons were in order.

Last summer we enrolled him in the city lessons. He went 4x per week and mostly just played in the water. I don't think he learned anything. But, we did it because it was cheap! Well, with his reaction this year to the water and The Princess having NO FEAR, I decided it was time for real lessons. (don't get me wrong, I think the city lessons might work well for older kids, but my kids need the structured lessons this year).

So, after that first day in the pool, I went up to the local Hubbard Family Swim School and enrolled both kids. They would start that Saturday morning at 8am. (I know, what was I thinking, that is EARLY!)

Now that we are 5 weeks in, The Princess can jump in, turn around, and swim to the wall. Almost completely on her own! And she is only 20 months old! She amazes me constantly with her swimming abilities.

In the beginning, it took A LOT of convincing to get The Superhero to put his face and head in the water. After a few weeks, I was able to force him under one time and then he kept wanting to do it.

Now, he does it on his own! He is even JUMPING in the pool! He used to "jump" in to one of us and he always made sure we would NOT put his head under water. Well, last weekend, this changed! He was actually JUMPING in the pool! I am SO impressed and SO proud of The Superhero! Our classes are definitely paying off!

Check out these pictures...(Thanks Kate!)

Is this even the same kid from a month ago?


Tracy1918 said...

That is a brilliant idea about the carb snack w/bolus at bedtime. I'm going to try it either tonight or tomorrow night. I will let you know! Thanks!

Laura said...

Yea Super Hero and Princess!!! You are so awesome. Sweet little fishies!!!!

Tracy1918 said...

Hi New Friend, Thank you again for your snack suggestion! I hope you see this as confirmation that you should keep your blog public.....we all learn from each other! : )

Thanks again for putting this big smile on my face!

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