Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Long Time, No Blog

Wow, it has been WAY too long since I wrote a blog! I even started this blog weeks ago and am just now getting around to getting it ready to post!

My family and I have been attending New Life Community Church for some time now. Today we just finished a series on No Regrets. This included No Regrets Life, No Regrets Dating, No Regrets Marriage, No Regrets Kids, No Regrets God, and a No Regrets Death.

All this talk about No Regrets made me realize that I do not want to regret not blogging and documenting our lives. The blog can serve as a timeline of events happening in our lives and I want to have that for the kids to read through in the future.

So, from today forward, I am hoping to Blog everyday. Even if there is not much to blog about, I would like to write about something.

Here are some updates since my last Blog in July (more details to come about each event)…

August: We bought The Princess her first shoes.

September: The Princess learns to walk and gets her first haircut.

October: My little princess turns 1 and Halloween/Trick or Treating.

November: Trip to Disneyland :)

Until next time…

“The Mommy”

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