Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adjusting we will go...

Why do I always feel like I am adjusting something?! Things were running pretty smoothly for a few weeks now, no adjustments to speak of, which for us was very unusual.

Then all of a sudden this week we started seeing high numbers. Many in the 300’s. All day long! I usually wait a day or two before making changes to make sure we are really seeing a problem and not just food issues.

It is almost impossible to do a fasting basal test on The Superhero due to his age. I can’t really starve him. So, when making changes, I usually increase the basal if it is an all, or most of the day, thing.

So, when numbers start running high consistently, it must be time for change! When making changes for him I usually only increase basals by 0.025 per hour from where they were. (thank you Animas for small basal increments!)

The Superhero seems to be super sensitive to insulin and any larger change would cause him to crash. I am always nervous on basal change day. Will it work? Will it be too much? Will we need to increase more?

Lucky for me, this time, everything seems to be working out PERFECTLY!

He woke up at 150. Perfect!

He was 183 at lunch, with a little insulin still on board! Perfect!

After nap, he was 138! Again, perfect! Yeah!

I LOVE when the changes seem to be working!

At dinner, he was 95. Now I have to figure out why he dropped so much before dinner. Don’t get me wrong, 95 is a great number, but our target was 150.

So more adjusting must need to be done. Or maybe we had dinner too close to his snack and the snack was still bringing him up while the insulin was bringing it down. Or maybe it was a fluke. I will have to figure this out, again.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We will be having our dinner tomorrow and again on Sunday. I am hoping all of the yummy food will not give us too much trouble.

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