Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Croupy Princess, Curious Superhero, and Soapy Kids

Ok, this has been one crazy week and it is only Wednesday!

The Princess started doing a weird breathing thing on Friday of last week. We waited through the weekend and took her to the doctor on Monday. Turns out she has croup. She was put on steroids to help with her swollen throat so she could breathe better.She has been on the steroids since Monday afternoon and has 2 ½ more day to go. She is a little more fidgety and has a hard time sleeping. I am pretty sure she is a little dizzy from the meds since she wants me to hold her non-stop and keeps putting her head down on me, this is not normal for my busy and active baby.

We went for a follow up today and she appears to be getting better, but due to her eczema (also told about this on Monday at her appointment), she may need to have regular breathing treatments. Her oxygen level on both Monday and today was 96, not too far from normal, but they are keeping an eye on her. We go back on August 3rd for her 9 month well-check and they will determine then if she needs breathing treatments (she will be off the steroids then).

The Superhero. Oh, The Superhero. My curious little boy. He continues to “look” for trouble.

A little back story: The Superhero does not always come to find The Daddy and I when he wakes up in the morning. We installed a gate in the hallway of our old house and he was forced to come to our room first. In the new house the kids are on the opposite side of the house from us, so the gate does not do us a lot of good. We do not usually latch it at night because The Princess’ room is right next to it and he would wake her up should he come out of his room before morning.

Fast forward to this week on Monday…

On Monday morning I woke up and had a feeling The Superhero was out of bed. I looked on the monitor (yes, we have a video monitor), and sure enough he was up. The Daddy got up and found The Superhero in the kitchen. He was sitting there with his blankie and binkie, and the following: Parmesan cheese, mustard, chocolate syrup, and cotton rounds (used when we check his blood sugar). He sat there and smile for the camera as The Daddy took his picture.

The Daddy and I swore we would remember to lock the child lock on the fridge regularly. We had gotten out of the habit of doing this.

Last night was a ROUGH night in our house. The Princess had a hard time sleeping. I finally got her to “stay” asleep at about 10pm. She woke up at 1:30am to nurse. At 2:30 I woke up to The Superhero coming into my room. No biggie, The Daddy puts him back to bed. (I suspect he was up from the time The Princess was up at 1:30 until 2:30 when he came in our room)

3:30 am The Princess wakes up, again. I go in and rock her back to sleep. I go back to bed.

4:30 am I hear something in the living room. I tell The Daddy that I think The Superhero is up. He looks on the monitor, says no, it looks like he is in bed. I tell him that I am pretty sure The Superhero is up and he should check..

Sure enough, The Superhero was up. The Daddy found him and went back to bed.

I get up this morning and take my shower, come out and see that The Superhero is up with The Daddy (now 6:45am or so). I ask The Daddy about The Superhero being up at 4:30am. The Daddy had stayed in The Superhero’s room from that time on to when I woke him up so I could take a shower, he needed to watch The Princess.

He said I needed to see the kitchen. Oh great! I was not prepared to see the kitchen. I walk in and find a HUGE mess! He had the parmesan cheese ALL over in front of the sink on the rug, mixed with lotion (we did not know it was lotion for a few more minutes). There was also chocolate syrup out, though he did not open it.

We also found a toy bowl with parmesan cheese, parmesan cheese on the floor, and lotion on the toys and floor in the toy room/ office.

What a way to wake up.

Always looking for trouble…

This evening The Superhero climbed into the Pack N’ Play with The Princess despite me telling him that he was too big. He continues to do this on a regular basis. Tonight he did it again and I ignored him because I just needed a few minute break and The Princess loves having him in there with her.

I was doing a little work on the computer and noticed it was getting a little quiet in the other room.

Quiet is NEVER good in this house.

I go in to find The Superhero and The Princess COVERED in Dial foam soap that The Superhero found on the kitchen counter. He covered his sister and himself! I did not think fast enough to take pictures. I ran them both in to my bathroom and rinsed them off in the shower.

This boy is constantly looking for trouble! What will it be next?

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