Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5K's are Bad for you. (ok, not really, keep reading...)

I've always wanted to do a 5K. Ok, maybe not always, but recently I have been wanting to do one! You know, one of those "fun" ones?

Then there was a groupon for the Bubble Run. And Wendy convinced my mom and I to sign up with her. Ok, it didn't take much convincing. We saw how much fun it looked in the pictures and knew we had to do it!

This past Saturday, the 11th was THE day. The day we would run...jog...walk? the 5K. We had super awesome shirts that Wendy decorated. And we were set to have a great time!

And we did!

We walked the whole time and had a blast getting covered in colored bubbles.

And we finished!

We did it!

We (my mom and I) completed our first 5K!

It felt good!

We went home and showered. And then it happened. Our weekend went from FUN to CRAP in an instant.

My mom had chest pain. The kind that landed us in the ER. After a 2nd EKG she was rushed to the cath lab and had a 2 1/2 hour procedure to put a stent in her heart.

And then IT happened. The cardiologist was giving a SUPER detailed and SUPER graphic (including video) explanation of what he had done to her heart. Some may think this is cool. And usually I can handle medical stuff just fine.

BUT, I had an empty stomach. I hadn't had time for lunch. Or hadn't taken the time. I wanted to wait until my mom's procedure was done. So hearing all of this on an empty stomach, made things worse.

I started to feel sick.

I remember thinking that I needed to get to the floor.

To sit.

Just needed to get DOWN lower.

I remember actually saying "I don't feel so good..."

The next thing I know, at least 6 people are above me calling my name.

And I could barely respond. I kept thinking in my head "Ah crap! That means I passed out!".

I felt stupid.

But I couldn't get up. I felt sick.

They ended up getting me onto a gurney and into the ER.


Yep, I had an unexpected trip to the ER too.

They started an IV with fluids. They ran an EKG, lab work and a CT Scan, as a precaution.

My awesome hubby dropped the kids with our friends for the 2nd time in one day and came down to be with me. He stopped and bought some crackers and was smart enough to grab me a Snickers bar too. The Snickers sounded SO good after not eating for so long.

After about 4 hours or so, I was fine and was released to come home.

My mom spent 2 days in ICU with only a short part of that time in a regular room before going back to ICU.

She was able to be released on Monday.

And she is now home recovering well.

So, now you see why 5K's are bad for you. LOL!

I am sure at some point, we will do another 5K. Maybe not for a while. I would like to skip the ER and ICU parts though! I will make sure I don't skip any meals afterward though!

*Disclaimer: I am a mom of a T1 Diabetic child and a child with Allergies/Asthma. I am NOT a doctor. I just play one in real life. Please do not take anything in this post or any other post on this blog as medical advice. If you have questions or concerns of your own, please seek advice from your doctor.*

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! What a ride!

Glad you had a great time with the 5k, but boy, like you said, it went from fun to crap in a heartbeat!

Sounds like everyone is doing well, which is great. Here's to doing another 5k without all of the extra drama. :-)

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