Monday, July 13, 2009

One Crazy Day

Today was my first day back at work from “vacation”. Of course, I knew it would take some time to get back into the routine with the kids. We went about our morning as usual. Had breakfast, got the kids dressed, checked email, nursed The Princess and put her down for her nap.

After her nap I gave her the medicine for reflux as I normally would, though I was doing everything with one hand since she would not let me put her down. I had not put the cap back on the medicine bottle yet; I figured I would get to it in a minute. After I gave her the medicine, I had to clean her nose and then change her clothes from her spitting up on her outfit.

While I was gone to change her, I told The Superhero to be a “good boy” as I always do. He said “good boy, promise”. So off I went to change The Princess. I come back out of her room and notice him standing at the kitchen counter with her medicine bottle on its side! (of course, I am thinking “why in the world did I not put the cap back on that bottle)

I tell him not to touch it again and I was walking around the counter to get to him and the medicine and he looked right at me as I was telling him “NO!” and he proceeded to dump the ENTIRE bottle of medicine on the floor (that I just cleaned yesterday!).

So I put him in time-out while I clean everything up, then clean his hands and mine from the sticky mess. I call the pharmacy to have the prescription refilled. It was an almost full bottle and will cost me $35 to replace. We move on with our day…

Feed the kids lunch, put them down for naps, eat my lunch, get some work done.

The Superhero got up from his nap, blood sugar was PERFECT! (yeah the basal changes seem to be working) He has a snack. We wait for The Princess to get up from her nap. Both kids napped 3 ½ hours today, AWESOME! I feed The Princess and we get ready to head out. I had to meet a co-worker to pick up marketing materials before tomorrow’s movie event.

We get loaded in the car and head out. We are on the 101 freeway when I hear the lovely “music” from The Superhero’s pump letting me know the battery was low. I think “Thanks God I put a battery in his bag the other day when I saw 2 bars left on the pump battery” and then start thinking why did I not change this when I did his site change before I left, I knew we were getting close to needing a new battery, but did not know it would be today, I thought we could get away until the next change on Thursday.

We get to our meeting place, I get out and change the battery. Get back in the car to wait until my co-worker arrived. I hear the “music” from the pump, again. What?!? I look at the remote, “pump not primed, no delivery”. Oh, you have got to be kidding me! How could I forget to rewind, load and prime the pump? I cannot believe I forgot to do this. I get out and rewind, load, and prime the pump. Co-worker arrives, get materials, get back in the car and head home.

On the 101 going home, the gas light comes on! You have got to be kidding me! I decided to wait until I get off the freeway to get gas, luckily we made it fine. We stop for gas and head home.

I REALLY hope the rest of our evening is a little less uneventful than the day has been.

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