Friday, June 4, 2010

Look Who's Talking!

We had The Princess' 18 month check up in April and at that time she was not talking AT ALL. The doctor thought we should get her evaluated for speech. Since we had our trip and our move coming up, I decided to wait it out before doing any evaluations.

I know she hears PERFECTLY and understands EVERYTHING. She is always responding to us by nodding her head and pointing.

Now that we only let her have her binkie during naptime and bed time, she has FINALLY started to talk!

Here are the words that have started coming out of her just this past weekend...

1) Momma (A LOT, she is really good at crying and saying momma really pathetically!)

2) Da (Daddy)

3) NaNa (my mom loves when she does this)

4) Gone

5) Done

6) "Ay" (The Superhero's name)

7) Cookie

8) Go

9) D (drink)

10) and her new favorite... UH, OH! She says this ALL the time! And she knows it is cute, which makes her say it more. :-)

I think having some one on one time with her this past weekend while The Superhero was with my parents made a huge difference. I am just so thankful she has started talking and we will not need to worry about speech for her!

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