Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Princess and Her Shoes

As I was searching for a pair of sandals in "the basket" the other day, it occurred to me that The Princess has A LOT of shoes.

Back in 2009 I posted HERE about The Princess getting new shoes. That specific time shopping, we ended up with 6 pairs of shoes. And I thought that was a lot.

Her latest collection of "current" shoes (shoes that fit her NOW), is MUCH larger.

So as I was looking for that pair of sandals the other day, I decided to line up her shoes and count how many pairs she has, and of course to take a picture to share here on the blog.

To my surprise, this 2 YEAR OLD has SIXTEEN (16) pairs of CURRENT shoes! (2 not pictured, flip flops)


And with THAT I would like to say two things...

1) Yes, she really wears ALL of them at one time or another.
2) I did NOT buy her all of these shoes. She is lucky to have a shoe obsessed NaNa who helped this collection grow. :-)

Love little shoes!

ETA: After reviewing the shoe photo, I decided to label each pair with who bought them. Maybe I am more shoe obsessed than her NaNa?

This pic below is labeled, it does not include 2 current pairs I couldn't find the match to last night. I also have 2 pairs up in the closet for when she grows a bit. :)

Tally: 1 Aunt Tricia, 5 NaNa, 1 Formerly The Superhero's (maybe NaNa?), and 9 Mommy!

*Disclaimer: I am a mom of a T1 Diabetic child and a child with ITP/Asthma/Dysphagia. I am NOT a doctor. I just play one in real life. Please do not take anything in this post or any other post on this blog as medical advice. If you have questions or concerns of your own, please seek advice from your doctor.*


Lance said...

"a shoe obsessed NaNa"

Now, if we can only get the shoe obsessed NaNa to admit it, then maybe we can get her on the road to recovery! ;-)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

She's a lucky little girl!

Alexis Nicole said...

My kinda girl!!

Denise said...

A girl needs her options!!
I have boys...they have one pair of super worn out shoes, a pair of flip flops, and some rain boots. ;-)

Michelle said...

Lucky little girl :)

Jules said...

OMG!! hahaha. Shoe obsessed NaNa huh. I was laughing cos it didnt tally up - I think Mummy may be OCD and shoe obsessed. Shoes and handbags, they make a girl happy. Why not pass that legacy onto our daughters :) xx.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Bean loves her some shoes, too! :)

busymom said...

Clearly, shoes that small are too cute to pass up! (and they are adorable on too!)

You are fortunate-I've never had anyone else buy my kids shoes!! : )

Meri said...

I would seriously wear some of those shoes. I'm SO SO jealous!! Hooray for cute shoes!

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